Joan Frances BoyleJoan Frances Boyle is 55 years old, she is married to Allan S. Blyth and they live together in Hamilton in a small, humble home. Joan Frances says she loves the work that the Universe provides for her.

A little insight:

Joan Frances has many strings to her bow, so to speak. If she were a musical instrument, she would be a harp. With each string finely tuned and ready to play beautiful music. Joan Frances has spent most of her adult life pursuing the truth about life after death, paranormal activity and mind power. Mind Navigator is a title Joan Frances uses to describe herself as lots of her talents help navigate people through their troubles back to their true potential and a happier pathway in life. Her favourite saying is, "Where your thoughts are your energy flows."

Here is a little insight into Joan Frances's achievements so far: She has been mediumistic all her life. She decided to work in the public eye over 28 years ago, becoming more involved with Spiritualist Churches and fundraising for different people, individual causes and charities. She took up the role of Spiritual Medium and volunteered to be a Spiritual Development Group Leader and Spiritual Healing Leader within the Church, before moving on into the private sector. Since then she has continued to embrace new teachings and learning opportunities whenever possible.

Abilities Throughout her life, Joan Frances has continued to develop her natural abilities (Clairvoyant / Clairaudient / Clairsentient / Clairambiant / Claireliant) and loves working with people to help improve their quality of life, both in healing and personal and business guidance sessions. She confidently conducts consultations both for private individuals and within the business sectors, using her remote viewing skills in her role as the Psychic Property Surveyor ,Psychic Readings, Business Projections, Past, Present and Future Readings, Life Path and Past Life Reading, Spirit Guides/Angel Communication and Soul Contracts.

Joan Frances is also well renowned for her expertises in intuitive Aura and Chakra Readings, Artistic Aura Drawings and conducting demonstration with the worldwide acknowledged Aura Photography Camera named "Aura in Motion". She has a public, private and corporate clientele.

And there's more... Joan Frances's other professional accreditations are: approved Master Teacher level in each of the following -Usui, Karuna, Amaran and Dimensional Reiki Healing. Joan Frances is a qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy (incorporating all 60 aspects of hypnosis), Indian Head Massage and Energetic Sensory Therapy (E.S.P) and Past Life Energetic Therapy. She is a member of F.I.R.E. at Executive Firewalking Instructors Level incorporating fire walking with bare feet, glass walking with bare feet, rebar bending with your throat, board and brick breaking with your bare hand, arrow breaking with your throat and lots of low and high rope techniques.

Although Joan Frances loves all the different aspects of her work, Past Life Energetic Therapy is a favourite of hers. She says herself that she is flabbergasted every time she engages with another's persons past life using her energetic system as a surrogate. She starts by using her natural energy as a surrogate to first connect to another person's energy system. Then with her natural abilities she links to the person's soul knowledge and retrieves the information of the past life existence and then retraces it back to this lifetime, where it becomes apparent why the person has had such negative life experiences. Joan Frances also carries out some special energetic work. Although, there is obviously much more to it than that, this brief outline gives you an idea of why she and her clients love this therapy.

And there's more... Over the years Joan Frances has facilitated many classes, groups, workshops and courses. These have included:
Reading Auras Intuitively , Chakra Discovery , Healing Intuitively (Hi Therapy) , Usui Reiki, Amaran Reiki , Karuna Reiki, Dimensional Reiki ~ All Therapy Levels, Indian Head Massage, Past Life Regression (Hypnosis) Dimensional Nucleus Activation (Energetic D.N.A) Tarot including Visual Meditations, Spirit Communication.. And much more to come!

A World Without Internal War, Your Life, Your Destiny, Crunch Your Way To Success Ignite The Spirit The Future Is Yours; Self Discovery; Aura & Chakra Insight Psychic Protection; Activate your Inner Power; Harness your Inner Power; Spirit Communication Manifestation; Meet Your Guide Psychic Powers Uncovered; Past Life Revisited; Aura Power; Psychic Empowerment... And much more to come!

DIG (Discussions, Interviews, Guidance) , Visual Meditation, Spiritual Channelling, Transfiguration, Psychic Development, Remote Viewing - Advanced Psychic Development Continuous Reiki Development, Aura Visual Development And much more to come!

Natural Voice Projection Joan Frances has harnessed her experience using Natural Voice Projection through the facilitation of guided visual meditations and has to date produced 2 CDs for distribution/sale. These are The World of Visual Imagery series called Body Intelligence Meditation (Empowering) and Bus Ride To Heaven (Inspiring).

Channel and Tutor: Joan Frances says she has been blessed with wonderful experiences as a channel for the Universe, which has provided empowering information to be created into such systems as: Past Life Energetic Therapy , Reading Auras Intuitively , Chakra Discovery , Healing Intuitively know as Hi Therapy , Amaran Reiki , Dimensional Reiki , Dimensional Nucleus Activation and Soul Journey Series for personal growth.

Promotional Events: Joan Frances loves mixing with likeminded people and sharing her experiences and wisdom. she is always delighted when she is asked to be the guest speaker at exhibitions, events, or talks organised by different societies, organisations or women's groups.
Note: If you know of any group or organisation that is promoting an event and would benefit from Joan Frances's knowledge, please pass on her details as a potential guest speaker.

Exhibitions: Joan Frances exhibits mainly at the Body & Soul Exhibitions (Donald Busby) throughout Scotland where she undertakes consultations with the Aura In Motion System and when appropriate delivers talks and demos to the general public. Occasionally she also exhibits with other event organisers, which include Complementary Health Fair (T.L. Bailey) Scottish Holistic Health and West Lothian Holistic Health Group. She is willing to expand her promotional tour of events to include Ireland, England, other areas in Scotland and America. If you know of any events please tell her about them by dropping her email with the information, - thank you.

Radio, TV Appearances / Interviews: Joan Frances appeared live on a weekly basis on the "Live At Six" TV Show for 6 months. She has appeared on various talk shows, debates and TV shows and has been interviewed on live radio by North Sound, Radio Clyde and 3T FM. Joan Frances has also made numerous appearances on Fox's News, Dallas, Texas with the F.I.R.E. team.

Publications: Joan Frances and her work has been featured in various newspapers and health magazines. And much more to come!