Past Life Surrogacy Retrieval Readings Cassadaga Hotel Spiritual Center for appointments for 19th October

New   Past Life Surrogacy Retrieval  Readings Cassadaga Hotel Spiritual Center for appointments for 19th October

Appointments for Saturday 19th October 

Joanfrances operates a Non-refundable Balance appointment system for  Past Life Surrogacy Reveals at Cassadaga Hotel . This Payment button is to make life easy for you and confirm your appointment. You may wish to pay by this button then  Joanfrances will work out best session timing to suit your needs or you can contact Joanfrances and talk about an appointment time in person. on 01-352-217-3282.  Love joanfrances

1)  Appointments are conducted  a) in person with Joanfrances at Cassadaga Hotel, Fl  or (b) if you cant travel Online over Zoom Conference Suit at Cassadaga Hotel to give you the best online live experience.

2)  Sessions last in approx has a window appointment time of one hour with Joanfrances.

3)  Past Life Surrogacy Reveals costs 1 hour session cost $200 

4) If you do not wish to pay here with this button then contact Cassadaga Hotel on 386-228-2323

any questions call Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer on Telephone: +44(0)7832251798 or 01-352-217-3282.  Please tell me which time zone you are in and the difference of hours to the UK, London GMT.  I will work out best session timing to suit your needs.

5) Only use this payment system if you are sure you wish to book an appointment time as if you do not have an appointment time already arranged there may be a refund charge deducted.

Thanks for your interest ...... Love joanfrances


Who would have thought the “Gift of Surrogacy” would change the way we encounter Past Lives, let alone how we would view their extensive infiltration into our Present-Day Life.-

Joanfrances Boyle was born with a unique Gift. Incredibly, with no prior knowledge of her client, not even their name, she would take 3 breaths and within 21.21 seconds, Joanfrances would become her client’s Past Life Surrogate. She relives her client's Past Life and gives a blow by blow account of the Past Life’s fateful experiences including the circumstances of their past life death. Joanfrances believes this is what creates the Karmic connections that are NOW mimicking and causing havoc within the client’s Present-Day lifetime.

Past Life Surrogacy Readings are revealing, riveting, and fascinatingly jaw-dropping, they can also be extremely graphic in nature but unmistakably demonstrates through Joanfrances’s “Gift of Surrogacy” the fateful mimicking and influencing that Past Life events have in connection with present-day debilitating conditions such as unexplained fears, success rejections, relationships difficulties, sexual abuse, unexplained phobias, unexplained medical issues, feeling unloved or rejected by family members or friends, and of course the classic, believing you are a failure. Joanfrances believes these conditions are reminders to the footprints of your Past Life experiences, which you are meant to resolve in this lifetime.

-Past Life Surrogacy Readings 1 hour private consultation is in Four stages, all of which are completed in the one session. All sessions are recorded. If you have your own recording device the please bring it with you. 

Stage 1) Joanfrances will begin the process of surrogacy to unlock the past life/s memories and allow your past incarnation/s to be explored. She will reveal in real time the positive as well as the negative or misplaced Karma that has been holding you to restriction in this life. This reveals the connections to the past life events as to how you have attracted and reacted to the people, animals, plants, geographical positioning and day to day situations in your present life, not to mention genetic association/s or trauma defect/s. 

Stage 2) Joanfrances carries out the Energetic Interface at this point this is truly an amazing transformational moment in life, more often bringing a full understanding of the client. 

Stage 3) Joanfrances will carry out this final stage of Surrogate Energy Restorative Treatment. By doing this you not only free yourself but other Souls involved to your past life experiences too. This is due to the soul trauma you have shared with them in the past incarnation. 

Stage 4) A final discussion after the Past Life Energetic  Restoration is complete a quick over view of the benefits gained. 

Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Sessions Normally last up to 1 hour.

First, ask yourself these few questions: 

Do you feel there is something holding you back in life, but you just can't put your finger on it?
Do you find yourself getting into the same situations time and time again?
Is there always a nagging feeling inside you to change your lifestyle?
When major changes are about to happen in your life, do you like to be with a person that is willing to help you? Joanfrances call's this Past Life Syndrome which are the telltale signs of what is holding you back in life. 

If the answer is "yes" and you are ready to let go of the Past Life Negative or Miss-placed Karma that has been holding you back, then this is the therapy for you. 

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